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Diandra (Dee) Mae

Those are exactly the same lessons I got out of the show! :) One of the winning actors interviewed on Oprah's after-Oscar show said something like, "When they're starting out, too many young actors focus on winning an Oscar, when they should be focused on being the best actor they can be."

I'm definitely looking forward to paying my dues in our industry. I tell all the new illustrators in our chapter, "This isn't a sprint. You need to be prepared for a marathon."

Great post, Roz! :)


Excellent post Roz. I especially like being reminded about the stepping stones in our career.


Great post! I have to keep that in mind when I'm feeling down.

p.s.I loved the little exchange between Alec and George Clooney - so funny!


Oh good, I'm glad you got something out of it too!
Dee that is a great quote too! It's so true isn't it? Sometimes the focus is on the wrong thing.
Lynn, the George/Alec thing had me ROLLING. So clever. hahaha!
That and "damn" helen mirren. lol

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