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Barbara Johansen Newman

Roz, this back-to-school before Labor Day stuff is ridiculous. NEVER happened when I was in school. NEVER. Ought to be against the law!

Sorry to hear about the shoulder pain. Try stretching routinely while working, and doing arm circles.

Chris Schechner

I take drugs for my bad rotator cuff. I don't usually like to take meds or even recommend them, but it might be worth a trip to the doctor. I take a mild NSAID (Meloxicam) and it's made the difference between being in constant pain and being able to get around. Advil wasn't helping and upset my stomach. Of course, my arms are a bit more critical for me than for most people. Sorry you're in pain.

Phyllis Harris

You poor thing, Roz! I can feel your pain!

I too have shoulder and arm pain. For several reasons but one is from Ulnar nerve damage which causes what's called Cubital Tunnel Syndrome which is different than the Carpal tunnel. If your ring finger and pinky are the ones tingling which shoots all the way up into your shoulder, that means it's Cubital. Even though I was told years ago to have surgery...no way! I have been able to get some relief through therapy. I also went back to a lot more traditional art and have found that the going back and forth from digital to traditional has helped tremendously. (Using different postures and muscles)

I know it's tough when you are under a deadline but you have to force yourself to get up every so often to stretch and also many other exercises you can find on the internet it helps a lot.

Good luck and email if you want any specifics.


I've had shoulder tendonitis for about 10 years now. Ever since a short assignment with long hours of bad body mechanics at a computer. It comes and goes, chiropractor and fancy treatments help but it will always be there I think. Lugging a 20lb baby around has brought it back (duh). Good advice from all about stretching. Make sure your desk setup is good. Try putting stretching posters on the wall in front of you as a reminder. If I can find mine I'll email them to you (I know, I should have them up on my wall too - never put them back when I switched studios).

If you tolerate aleve, that's helped me in a pinch for short stints.

Good luck with your deadlines (and pain!).


oh no! I am so sorry to hear this Roz. All I can think of is frequent stretching and changing positions often. Owch! Its just gotta heal.
PBS Classical Stretch is amazing!

My bod needs a good stretch too.

Eric Barclay

Hey Roz, take care of yourself! Sounds like you need to schedule some breaks. I really like the felt-style self portrait.

Carol Baicker-McKee

Hi Roz,

So sorry to hear about your shoulder pain. I've gone through bouts of it too (also wrist pain occasionally) and the one non-med thing that has really, really helped me is following the exercises for repetitive stress at a site called www.mydailyyoga.com. When I notice shoulder problems starting to flare up, I do the RSI exercises every hour that I'm sitting at my computer. The rest of the time I try to do the exercises a few times a week as prevention. The Everyday Yoga exercises on the site help too, and I also find a few regular yoga poses like downward dog really make my shoulders feel better temporarily too.

Just before bed, you might try eating something and taking the lowest dose of an NSAID (like advil) that works for you - lying down always seemed to make my pain even worse, and I noticed if pain interfered with my sleep, I felt even worse the next day.

Good luck. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate.

Roberta Baird

I feel your pain Roz.... working hunched forward over the wacom is killing my shoulders and neck too.... I find that ice packs help the most.
I also use these patches called Salonpas....they work like a dream!

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When shoulder pain becomes more severe and starts to interfere with your daily activities, it may be time to talk to your doctor about shoulder surgery.


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Loni Edwards

Hi Roz! I am glad you are liking the Wacom. Did you get an Intuos? That is what I recently purchased. I just love mine! I haven't used the side buttons yet, but I am still a newbie. I hope your shoulder feels better soon.


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Shoulder Pain

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