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kathy weller

Congratulations, Roz!! I am so happy for you!! :) :)


Yay! Congrats, Roz! I guess you just never know what putting your work out there can bring back your way. I'm off to dig up my dummy. :)

Phyllis Harris

Congratulations, Roz!!!! That's so cool!!!


Congratulations, Rozzie!! Touch and feel board books - how fun will that be?!! A Perfect fit! Happy for ya!


yay! That is a great story and congratulations!!! You are perfect for the job!


Good for you!!! That is great news! Looking forward to seeing it all unfold.


oh wow!! CONGRATS! that is awesome! and also encouraging :)

your illustrations just make a person wish they could touch them!

Eric Barclay

Really cute illustration. Congrats on the new series!

Paige Keiser

Oh my gosh!!!! That's such great news, Roz, congratulations! And no wonder they hired you on the spot, this is adorable!


That IS very good news. Congrats. Sounds like a fun and perfect project. (And that huggy-baby is adorable).


Congratulations! lovely work!

Tracy Cundiff

Great news! And now you can still shop this cute one around :)

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