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Anette Heiberg

Congratulations on both your anniversary and your birthday Roz! It's great to hear that you're so happy with your life!


Roz, you are looking fab at 40. Happy birthday and anniversary!

Can't wait to hear what you think about the wacom. You'll love it!

alicia Padrón

Oh my dear friend, what a beautiful post! And look at you, so pretty!! :o)

I love your wedding picture as well.. You guys looks adorable together. Hubby must be so happy you posted about him too.

Happy Birthday Rozzie Roz, aren't the 40's great?! :o)



your dogs are so cute as is your artwork! and happy birthday!


Congratulations on your anniversary AND turning 40...both wonderful things! Did you get married in Scotland, or go on honeymoon? Eric and I married in '91 and went to Scotland as a honeymoon!

Phyllis Harris

Happy Anniversary Roz! That is so awesome that you all are even more in love today! I am blessed in this way, too. : )

Congrats on having lots of work...I haven't had hardly any this year but I am hoping it picks up soon.

I love your sketch for the board books. I look forward to hearing more about those. Who are they for?

Phyllis Harris

ooops! Happy Birthday!!!!! I forgot....it must be my age! :o)


Thanks, everyone!
Liz, we were living in England at the time and "eloped" to Scotland with my parents and grandmother. My dad was in the military stationed in England and Kevin worked for him. That's how we met. =o)

Debbie Meyer

Happy Birthday & Happy Anniversary, Roz! This was such a sweet post. It made me smile and be happy that you're so happy! :) I agree that you have much to celebrate. Best wishes for another wonderful year. Deb


I'm really late but Happy Belated Birthday and Anniversary and board books and everything! Sounds like the 40's are treating you well so far!

Sherry Rogers

Hey Congrats on the Anniversary! I have been remiss in reading your blog Roz. . .I have missed so much!

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