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Hi Roz, I came to take a look because I am nuts about digital collage but hey this is so very very pretty. Glad I chanced upon it!


Roz -

This is a great piece..!
I spent time looking at all the shapes that were filled in with scanned paper...
I have been missing working with paper...
I need to do a piece for fun!

alicia Padrón

Hey Rozzie, I came back to see it for a second time :o)

It's such a wonderful and happy illustration! Love the grandpa and the paper hat! :o)

Carmen Keys

This is so summery and cheerful Roz! I just love your style!

Eric Barclay

Love the textures and the pattern in the grass. Wonderful illustration!

Phyllis Harris

This is one of my favorites of yours Roz! Really well done! And I could still see the towel texture when I clicked on the image and saw the larger version. Very effective and fun!

Tracy Cundiff

I love this, Roz! Sorry I've missed some of your posts...Just having a hard time with stuff. Anyway, this is absolutely adorable! I read your post about submitting your dummy book and getting a different job. That's great AND you can keep sending out your other book :)

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