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toñito avalos

Fantastic Illustration!
Greetings from Peru

valerie lorimer

Very cute illo!

Eric Barclay

This is adorable. Love the little sheep with his hooves over the edge.

jack foster

Very nice! Love the sheep! Great work!

Edrian Thomidis

Great composition and characters! I love the mouse covering his eyes! Nice details. I really like your style.

christine grove

I love those sweet little faces!

Nathanael Lark

Wow, this is fantastic! I really love your style - so adorable!


You're right! This is a lovely illustration and would make a great board book!

ria nirwana

This is soooo lovely.....Good job!


The characters are really cute and your technique is amazing!

Phyllis Harris

I love this one, Roz!

the green telephone

So cute!

lil kim

that's the cutest noah ever!

Roberta Baird

That does look like it was fun to illustrate!


that's very sweet! Noah has such a sweet face! ^_^


This is truly adorable! I love your work!
I have a question for you: In an earlier posting, you mentioned having taken a course from Susan Hartung. I am thinking about taking one of her courses to really get me ready to show my portfolio at the Feb. SBCWI conference. Do you recommend it? You can email me back if you like. Thank you - I appreciate any advice you have.



Tracy Cundiff

This is adorable, Roz! :) And thank you for your kind comments on my blog...I appreciate them! :) ~TRACY


love the picture its so beautiful!!!!!!

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