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Funny how I am exactly working on a little alphabet series too...for my portfolio. Its really the best because in the end you get a fabulous piece! We'll get those alphabet jobs for sure!! :-)


Cute! I'm working on revamping my portfolio completely, and am having so much fun creating baby-centric pics. I am loving your digital felt work!

And aren't we all afraid to ignore what "They" say? I'm hoping that listening to "them" lands me a gig someday!

Mariah DeMarco

*fingers crossed for you!* I want to do the same.. if only I had the time! Started once.. I think I only got to "D" lol! ^_^

Tracy Cundiff

This is another adorable piece! If I were "in charge", you and Chickengirl would be given every art job I could find! :) Love it!


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