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alicia Padrón

Ohhh what a cutie pie!!!!! hee, hee.. I love it!!
And with a scent, how cool is that. Oh I would have a craving for ice cream all day long if it were mine.

Emily is sooo lucky to have such a talented and sweet mommy. :o)

Katie Kinnear

Hi Roz,
I have been following your blog for a couple of years...you are a huge inspiration!! Anyhow, I love these little tweedles. I work in polymer clay and I just had to make some : ) I will send a pic by email.

eric barclay

That's really cute! It definitely has your style... It's like the banners from your blog suddenly became dimensional. I really like the little nostrils.

Amy Moreno

how adorable. I love the style, color and the NAME! (I facebooked your blog)
It is crocheted, isn't it? I knit, but don't know how to crochet. Now I'm wanting to learn. Do you have an etsy shop?


its nice and tasty.

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