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I cannot wait to see Coraline! Our theater is showing it in 3D, and I'm practically bouncing up and down in excitement.

I too love that green-blue color! It's so soothing and refreshing.

Sherry Rogers

Thanks Roz!


Hey Roz, thanks from all the Picture Bookies for the award... I am sure we will all be chiming in with our favorite things. I love your list and the darlind Lily!

Eric Barclay

Thanks Roz!!! I really want to see Coraline too. Just can't get enough of the previews.


hmmmm! I LOVE that this post is filled with fuzzy, comfy, and cute things! :-)

I want to see Coraline too. Suppose to be amazing!

Thanks for the Illustration for kids mention!! You deserve the award! Yah!


Thank you so much Roz, and sorry it took so long to say so (full on week) Everyone is talking about Coraline, I might have to succumb!

Alethea Gerardot

awwwwwwwwwwww....That stuffy is sooo cute. Your favorite color is pretty much my favorite color.


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