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alicia Padrón

Oh my gosh Rozzie!!!!!!! How cute is he???!!!!!!!!!!
Hee, hee... too cute for words. Emily is so lucky... I want one too!! ;o)

Sherry Rogers

Oh Roz it's adorable!


You finally decided to join the rest of us; now you know how fun it really is.

Deb Johnson

I've designed 12 plush puppets and saw them created...which was awesome! Your bird is adorable!!! I like the combo of crochet and felt. I can't wait to design something after I finish my daughters purse and sweater! I'll post them, too.

suzanne urban

Absolutely charming! and nice to have learned about a new trend.

Suzanne in CT

Cindy Green

Hi! I saw your work at the SCBWI in NY a few years ago and we have corresponded a few times. I still like checking out your blog once in a while - it's always refreshing and fun! My middle daughter is learning to crochet and I showed her your little Tweedle. We love it! My 3 girls want to know if you are considering making a whole bunch to sell in an Etsy shop or anything. (I like sewing but never mastered crocheting!). Maybe someday one of us will be coordinated enough to create one of our own. Very cute! Thanks for the inspiration!


Hi! I stumbled upon your website and these tweedles are ADORABLE! i was wondering if you'd be willing to share the pattern? i'm on break for a week and i want to make one!


Love the tweedles. I was wondering if you ever wrote down the pattern and would be willing to share it. So cute!

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