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that is a wonderful and feasible goal!!!!! i love all your new works too!!!!! you are a constant inspiration... and its awesome about the digital illustration too!!! still, i enjoy all your needlework and creations!

btw, i did try to email you but your email didn't work... i have a question :)]



Thanks for visiting my blog, and for your nice comment!
You have done some nice work yourself!:)

You little dog loks a bit like my litte pomeranian;) Very cute!



I think you've definitely found a niche with your digital illustration. It fits you so well and allows you to experiment all the while. :) Wonderful.

Your word of the year is wonderful. I think so many of us who wish to be part of this business get so caught up in the competition/rat race aspect (portfolio has to be perfect, keep your blog, facebook, twitter updated, etc.) that we lose sight of the fun and happiness that comes with doing something you love.

I think 2009 will be a wonderful year. :)


that's a great thing to be reminded of... thank you! I hadn't checked in for quite a while so it's good to see you have continued with your digital illustration! You had just begun when I checked in last! (I'm fixing this now by adding your blog to the link section of mine!) ANyway, I'm glad your doing well and you def. do NOT stink, your work is lovely! ^_^
xo, Mariah

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