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alicia Padrón

Ohhh the mac is a beauty Rozzie!!! And look at how cute Lilly looks too :o)

I want to see that movie also. It hasn't arrived here just yet. Did you see how happy she was at the golden globes? I cried with her speech. I think she is a wonderful actress.

Oh, and I'm loving those cute ducklings! :o)


I'll be interested to see how you end up feeling about the Mac vs. your PC (I've never been brave enough to attempt a switch).

And yes! to #5. So many ways! I think I have sort of figured out how to juggle twitter/facebook as I work. Blogging seems to fall away when deadlines loom... Too many things one could be doing, never enough time.

Phyllis Harris

Congrats on the Mac, Roz! I have one just like yours! :o) I have always been on Macs since the 80's because of starting out in the graphic design world so I am probably a bit partial but ENJOY!


congrats on the new toy! You deserve it! I hope it gets a great workout everyday.


You are going to love your Imac. I bought mine a year ago and I am only buying macs from now on. It is so easy and fun to use.

I know the feeling about buying the photoshop over again. That was really a bummer but hey, another tax right off. :)

Take care


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