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This is so cool!
And just in time for a holiday background on my computer. ;P

I have every intention of visiting the post office next week so soon your little fellow will be enroute.

kathy weller

Really adorable Roz! I love the blush in Santa's cheeks too! Nice color combo.



Santa is really awesome...

alicia Padrón

Oh this is wonderful Rozzie!! I didn't realize it was all digital. Amazing stuff! It's beautiful! :o)


Wow Roz. You just keep getting better and better at the digital stuff! The texture here is amazing and I love the colors and composition. The stitched eyeglasses look completely handmade too.

Paula Pertile

This is SO GREAT Roz! I'm so impressed with how far you've come with this whole felt idea.

chickengirl design

This look amazing! love the textures...!

Phyllis Harris

It sounds like a very cool program. What's it called?

What a cute Santy!

Phyllis Harris

It sounds like a very cool program. What's it called?

What a cute Santy!


Thanks everyone for the lovely comments. Really appreciate it.
Phyllis, I created it just dabbling in photoshop.


You are going more and more with this digital thing! I take it you are finding it...more efficient? more flexible? less messy? time saving? - what would you say the major benefits are?


All of the above!

I've always been fascinated with those that can work digitally so I knew it was something I wanted to explore while still keeping my "voice".

Many of the assignments I get are very quick turnaround educational work and developing a style that can be more flexible is definitely a bonus.

Plus, it's fun.

Roberta Baird

Hurray you!! It looks just like regular felt. Did you draw him digitally?
That's something I'm trying to work on...Yikes, sometimes my eyes and hands don't match up. Usually I scan a drawing in first.


And think of all the dough you are saving by not having to buy wool felt. It looks great! The digital felt wizard! It's fun to see all the progress we make as artists in the blogworld as we grow and change--how long has it been--4 or 5 years now?

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