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I was hooked too! I read the second one too and looked up spoilers for the last one. hee hee.


Roz, I am off the charts hooked on Twilight. (shout out to Stephanie MEYER) I read all 4 books in one month last summer, read Twilight again, and halfway through New Moon again. PLUS, I just adopted a new dog today and named her Bella! I think I may need a 12 step program for this addiction. It's looney!!


I just pre-ordered my ticket for opening night here - how fun that you and Emily can share in the excitement!


I can't imagine that the movie can possibly be as satisfying as the book (they rarely are, are they?), but am crossing my fingers that it is enjoyable. (My daughter is going *without* me! With friends! can you imagine... If she really likes it, she'll have to go again, with me this time).


Hey Roz!! I read 4 books of twilight series and i really love it!! but movies never satisfied me as books did! But I really cant wait to eatch the movie also ;P


You're all right. The movies are never as good as the book. This one tried, though. It was like the book just in FAST forward.
It was fun being surrounded by swooning, giddy teenagers. I think they approved of the actors chosen for Edward, Bella and Jacob.

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