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alicia Padrón

Oh Rozzie this is adorable!!! It looks amazing. I LOVE the girl's skirt and socks!! This is a wonderful wonderful piece.

Woa! Oct 20th. almost here. Good luck with the move. Hope everything goes really smooth :o)

Debbie Meyer

I agree. This is fantastic! My favorite is the girl's skirt & socks too. Love the patterns & colors, and all the stitching. Perfect! (I can't help but wonder if the little ghost got a rock in his bag like Charlie Brown. hee-hee)

Tracy Cundiff

This is adorable, Roz! I'm also loving the fairy's tights and that oh so cute kitty container! :) BTW I saw your earlier post of this in progress...my big question is how do you make it look like felt? I guess that's part of your magic, though, and you may not want to share! It is soooooo awesome though! Love this piece; your kid characters look great!


I'm glad you're getting a bit of time to spend 'on yourself' amidst the craziness of preparing to move. Always exciting, but very stressful. Wishing you the best of times and that all goes well and smoothly.


I love the digi felt pieces, this is so cute, love all the little detail you can now add, like the candy corns!

Kathleen Rietz

This is great! I love how the whole thing POPS! Very strong.

Hey, so you moved yesterday....and today probably! Let me know when you get settled! Maybe we can meet one day.

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