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alicia Padrón

Congratulations Jesse!!!! That is one of the best moments, getting your driver's license.

I love this picture Rozzie, your three boys look sooo happy :o)


Dang! How the heck did they get so big so fast! Kurtis is supposed to test for his permit this week. YIKES!

Hope your move is going smooth. Get me an address when you settle, I have a little guy ready to travel via UPS.


That's so wonderful and scary all at the same time! :o) Congrats!!


aww! Getting a drivers license is exciting!!! Congrats to him!


What a great generational photo! Congrats on this milestone to Jesse, and to YOU!

Kathleen Rietz

How sweet! 3 generations...definitely a photo to hang on to. Congrats to Jesse!


The kids grow up so fast, don't they? (And it sure makes things easier when they can drive themselves about!)


wow, that is the craziest looking drivers license i've ever seen! Seems like the picture should fit the other way.

Congrats on your move. I was hoping to run into you on my next trip to Vegas... but I missed the opportunity. :O(

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