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alicia Padrón

Ohhh isn't it wonderful Rozzie? I absolutely love it! the music is beyond beautiful. I cry like a baby every time I listen to it.

Christine my angel of music..... :o)

I bet the Emily will never forget that. What a wonderful girl's night out! :o)

Have you seen Cirque du Soleil? The show in Vegas is supposed to be on water and people say it is wonderful. I've only seen the one in Orlando and it is really worth it. I think Emily will enjoy it too.


I had *really good* tickets for Phantom traveling through Seattle last week - that conflicted with our annual retreat, and ended up letting my son go with my daughter rather than me (still pouting a little). At least they are both theater buffs and loved it. Maybe next time...

Ginny Baker

Oh I couldn't agree more Roz! I took my daughter to see it with me a couple years ago when she was 14 and she absolutely loved it. Actually it was my birthday present to me and we splurged on 10th row tickets so at one point the Phantom was just behind us hanging from the chandelier and at another, since we were on the aisle "Raoul" stood inches from us singing!! It was AMAZING!

We're big time Phantom fans. I know some people didn't care for Gerard Butler as the Phantom in the movie, but we thought he made the perfect Phantom! Drooling now at the thought of him. LOL


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