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Love your new fishy.

Good luck with the oil burning.


So if your scanner the same model? (Epson 10000XL). Any tips regarding making it a bit less sensitive in some instances?

Ginny Baker

Hi Roz,

I only recently saw that you live in Vegas too! :o( I wish I had realized that sooner. Would have loved to meet you for coffee or something. I'm such a big fan of your illustrating style. Then when I saw recently you were hoping to get transferred to Albuquerque - well we moved here from Albuquerque! My husband was born just outside Santa Fe, and grew up there and then later in Albq. Now you're moving to the east Illinois side of St. Louis?? I lived in St. Louis on the Missouri side over 20 years ago. LOL

I hope the packing isn't driving you too crazy!

Wishing you all the best!

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