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alicia Padrón

Oh Rozzie.. your kids are adorable! I love this picture. Got to laugh with your comment as to who is excited about going to school..haha it is obvious Emily is so happy about it :o)

Ah.. they do grow so fast don't they?

I know you guys will do just fine with your move, you'll see :o)


Roz they are so adorable. So nice to see pictures of your kids!

Tracy Cundiff

Yeah, kiddoes are usually excited the first year, maybe the second...after that it's like, "Do I have to go?" :) My oldest is a Sophomore this year! My baby is in 2nd grade. Then I have my own classroom of 25 little Kindergartners. :) Thanks for sharing your family photos! It's nice to see all my favorite bloggers' families!


How soon do you go?


Hi Roz!

Oh this is exciting stuff! Kiddos off to school and mom gets to create stuff at home and get a well earned bit of time off (if only a few hours). Time to recouperate from the move and from have these three kids around the house all summer. When did you change your moving plans from New Mexico to Illinois?

Kathleen Rietz

How nice! I thknk girls always get excited because back-to-school means SHOPPING! : ) And 'new' things.

Love your marigolds.

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