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heheh...yes, thats alot of fraying but you did a fantastic job with it!

Tracy Cundiff

Nice! Very cool! :)

deb johnson

I love what you did with the fraying...maybe a little Fray Check will help? haha! Great job!


Actually Roz I think it's perfect. I love all the frays!


I think you are really on to something here!! No lie!!!!
So modern too.


your work is just amazing, both "live" and electronically...I particularly admire your patience in learning Adobe products...I love them, but, man, is that a steep learning curve. I'm just on the very outlying foothills of using that software productively.


roz, so much good news! that is awesome that you get to be near your parents. huge blessing.
love the digital progress you are making. all that experimentation and hard work is paying off! :)

Kathleen Rietz

Well, I think it looks great! Love the frays!

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