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alicia Padrón

Oh Rozzie Roz!!! I'm in LOVE with this!!!!
These are the cutest bees ever!! The brightness, clarity and colors of this digital style of yours are breathtaking. And the stitches!!! OMG the stitches are wonderful. This is so, so, so beautiful my friend :o)


I love the stitches and this new style! I just found Steve Simpson's new work today and it reminded me of you:


Phyllis Harris

Wow! This is so cool, Roz! Is working digital any faster than the traditional felt work?

kathy weller

Ador, Ador!!!! I love what you are creating on the computer. It's all coming along beautifully. Congratulations!!
Hi Katie,

I've granted you as Pico award - you can read about it on my blog wellerwishes.blogspot.com

X's and O's



Thanks so much everyone, I really appreciate the feedback.
Thanks Holli, for the link. His work is fabulous!
Phyllis, the digital isn't quicker...yet. I'm hoping once I get a technique firmly in place it will be. I am really liking the freedom the digital felt allows. I'm brimming with ideas.
KATHY--THANK YOU for the pico award. I'll share the love soon!

Caroline Inckle

Well done you,
this is great!

Carlyn Beccia

cute bees! I love the swirlies inside the flower.


These look so cool. I likey, likey.

Tracy Cundiff

This is wonderful...looks just like one of your felt pieces instead of digital! You sure you aren't foolin' me? :) I'm soooo impressed and love it!


Like I said earlier--this is looking really really great.

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