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Way too cute, Roz!!!! Absolutely charming!!! You are kicking major digital butt. Great work!!!

Alicia Padrón

This is awesome Roz! I agree with Patty!
What a cute zebra!! And is all digital?? That's amazing. Good for you girl!!



I too amd learning to do more things digitally...
This zebra really has a look of your felt.
The stitching is great!


Good for you for keeping up with the digital learning and experiments. I've unfortunately fall off the wagon a bit here, but its not forgotten yet!

The zebra is very cute. Good job!!

deb johnson

I'm really in love with your zebra! Very cool! And don't worry about taking all day to learn something. There are DAYS when I sit here, collect cobwebs on myself, and DING! I finally figure it out!!!

Anette Heiberg

This is great Roz! I really thought this was done in felt. I'm impressed!

Tracy Cundiff

Wow, this looks like a felt piece! What a wonderful job! :) I guess it was really worth spending that time on it 'cause it looks awesome!

Caroline Inckle

This is great I'm amazed that it's all digital! I have just got PS but don't have a clue how to use it yet.
Lovely to find you're blog by the way!


oh you have learned so much! I'm very proud of you! I started on Illustrator 88 and Photoshop 1 (and still use them everyday). Well.. not those (!!) and I STILL don't organize my layers or know how to create brushes. You're GOOoOooD!

kathy weller

This zebra is great. I LOVE what you are doing with digital!!! It's looking sharp as a pin but still has that organic feeling. Great stuff!!!

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