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Paula Pertile

I love this Roz!!


Ah now we see the magic of 3-D! Your original Illustrator piece is charming -- but the depth of the color and the texture and details of the felt and stitching really takes this version to another level. Nice job Roz! Very inspiring -- and reassuring that all the work to do stuff by hand is worth it!


Love it.
I'm so drawn to dimensional work.


Yep, the felt is my favorite. I love the texture and all the little details you put into your work. I'm always amazed at how you do what you do!

deb johnson

There is so much depth of color and texture in the felt piece...it's beautiful! You can play around in Illustrator and export it to Photoshop and achieve some of the same results but there's nothing like the "real" felt illustration! nice Roz!


Thanks so much, you guys. I admit, the illustrator version looks rather lifeless now compared to the felt.
It was fun to see the differences between the two.

Tracy Cundiff

Both versions are beautiful! I do love your felt versions so much. You did a great job on both, though :)

alicia Padrón

I have to say that I love both of them. They are both so you.. and beautiful. I think you could definitely have and use both styles, I'm sure you'll find a great use for each one. I wouldn't stop exploring the digital style because it is really working. :o)


i love the felt version best too. both are great though, of course.

her head bandana is such the perfect touch. :)


Kathleen Rietz

I have to say I love the felt one more because that I what i love about your artwork - they are so "heart-felt"!!!

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