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This is really neat the way you showed this to us!
And the finished piece is really remarkable... I love seeing how you layered all the fabrics, with as busy a piece as this is!
The textures in the leaves really grabbed my attention too! I really like this piece...
My favorite bug is the mosquito!


FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the finished art, but the pencil sketches are pretty awesome too!!

alicia Padrón

Wow Roz! This is awesome!
It does seem like a lot of work and it ended up just great! Love the spider on the "tight rope" and the lifeguard mosquito! Ha, ha.. its perfect. Congratulations Roz!!! :o)

Anette Heiberg

This looks fantastic Roz! You've done a great job and really challenged yourself - and it was so worth it!


Roz, This is super cute! Thanks for sharing the process...its good to know that others experience the same thing- with several rounds of revisions to come to the final. This turned out to be one awesome illo, great job!

Carol Baicker-McKee

Wow, Roz! What a lot of pieces and steps and sewing! It's very cute and I think you solved all the problems along the way. Fun to see your revision process (and comforting that other people go through multiple revisions too!). I like the little bead flies (gnats?). Very creative.


What a great assignment! I love puzzles, and you did a great job. Nice to see the step through process. Thanks!

deb johnson

Roz...this is amazing...you have really set a style and name for yourself in children's publishing! Very cool and unique!


This is wonderful! What a fun project--and it turned out GREAT! thanks for sharing the revision process with us...


Thanks so much everyone, I'm so happy you like it.
I hope they ask me to do another one.
It's nice to do something really "busy". Usually I'm told to edit stuff out because I add too much and don't give the eye somewhere to rest.

Roberta Baird

How fun is that!
The detail is incredible.


These works come to life with the felt- really nice!

Phyllis Harris

I really love your attitude about having to make all the changes! It just shows what a sweetheart you are. I could only hope I'd be as patient but the out come is perfect!

It's also very helpful to show others that we really do work as illustrators on making a client happy and in the end hopefully coming out with a better product.

Paige  Keiser

WOW Roz! This has got to be one of your best pieces ever! Beautiful!

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