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This is a wonderful way to start the year!
You should be very proud of yourself not just in the way that you are accomplishing your dream, but that fact that you are an inspiring individual to lots of us who are inspired by you and your work.

Thanks, Roz!


Oh, Nikki, you have made my day. Thanks so much for taking the time to tell me that! Your work is fabulous and I know you're going to have a great year!xo


It's so ironic that I just wrote about casting off self-doubt in my post this morning. I like what you said about it sapping your energy, so you're not going to do that this year. You've accomplished so much success, but artists are still so sensitive, aren't we?!

Happy New Year to you!

kathy weller

Yes, Roz!!! You nailed it!! It'as that trust, blind faith in a way. Trusting in your journey and therefore, trusting yourself and your own intuition about things, and trusting the moves you make. Right on Roz!!

"...it takes a lot more backbone than wishbone..."

"And they certainly don't always come true when we want them to."

Wow!!! I love these quotes. You are also a writer, too..


Phyllis Harris

Yep! I can relate, Roz! I have to renew my mind constantly with the message of "resting in Him" and He'll take care of all my needs! :O)


Oh Roz! You are there! You truly get it!! I'm so thrilled! Just wish instead, we were sitting across the table from each other when you spoke those words instead of reading them, because we'd havva field day together chatting back and forth! You are in a great, new spot in your life. A bright wonderful new beginning. I'm so thrilled for you. You're certainly in the right thinking mode. This will be your year. I'm so excited for you. Already, I can feel it!


What a wonderful post, Roz! This entry just resonates with me, especially the "more backbone than wishbone" part. I've decided to buckle down and really focus this year as well. I only hope I get as far as you have these last few years. You've done wonderfully, and I can't wait to see what else you accomplish this year!

Alicia Padrón

This is wonderful Roz. And so true.... You have accomplished many things and you took risks and experimented.. see where it took you? Now you are an amazing illustrator working with felt a wonderful and unique style. Congrats friend!! :o)


Oh you guys are so wonderful. Thanks so much for taking the time to post such encouraging words.
Heres to a great 2008 for all of us!
I look forward to going through the ups and downs with you all.

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