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Rachelle Anne Miller

This is so pretty - I'm a big fan of your work!


Really nice! I love the different patterns and textures.

Toni Brown

I am always going to love ANYTHING 'mermaid' -- but you manage to give her such spunk (via color), and curiosity (via expression). Also, I'd LOVE to have a couple of fish as buddies to hang out with all the time. Your work is so consistently good. How do you make so many details appear so simple?


cute mermaid..love the star hairclips!

alicia Padrón

Awww. it turned out great Roz!! Love the pink fabric you chose for her body (tail?). And her expression is just so cute. .looking at the pearl.

Roberta Baird

Aww... what a sweet mermaid. Lot's of detail!
I really enjoy your work. Your fabric cutting is so crisp. Not an easy thing!


Thanks so much , everyone!


awwwwww soooo cute!! i have been thinking on doing some mermaid illustrations but yours are just too darn cute to compare!!!!

Shawna JC Tenney

Very cute mermaid, Roz. My little 1 year old would just love her!


Oh Roz, what a sweet piece. I really like the addition of the pearl and starfish to the composition. Lovely!


I love all the dimensional detailing. And her cute 'outfit/tale'. (For my last mermaid painting they insisted that she had to wear a halter-top... Either that or a tunic - which I put my foot down at. That would be so annoying to swim in! I like your solution better).


I meant outfit and/or TAIL... :-P

Anette Heiberg

This is beautiful Roz. It's great that you want to make a portfolio piece each month, and I can't wait to see your portfolio at the end of the year.

By the way, I have awarded you the "You make my day award".

Holly DeWolf

Your mermaid is fantastic!

Also I have given you the "You Make My Day" award. To see the details-check my blog. Thanks.

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