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Sherry L Rogers

Oh Roz it is sooo adorable! I really love the sheeps wool!


Yes, I have to agree with Sherry. I LOVE how you did that.
You always have such great flesh tones in felt, do you have a special store you buy from...
I have the hardest time finding different tones in paper...

deb johnson

This is SO CUTE! I'm keeping my fingers, toes, eyes, legs, arms...all crossed!!!


Thanks so much!
Nikki, I do buy my felt from a specialty store. My favorite brand of felt is called Holland wool felt. The texture/weight is perfect for this use. The range of colors are wonderful too.

Phyllis Harris

This is so precious, Roz! Do let us know when it does find that new home.


I'll keep my fingers crossed for you too. LOVE that lambs wool!! It's perfect.



this is precious!!!! wishing you muchos success on the dummybook. Looks like you are well on your way!


Perfect, perfect, perfect for little ones, Roz- I'll bet it finds a home quick!


Roz, this is incredibly cute -- and just perfect developmentally. Very tactile, good contrast, interesting shapes -- but also uncluttered and easy for a baby to "read." Can't imagine you won't find an interested publisher! (Do you have a text to go with it?)


SOOOOO CUTE ROZ!!!! I will keep my fingers and toes crossed!!


Oh you guys, your kind words are so encouraging, thanks so much. From your lips to Gods ears! I hope an editor likes it too.

Hi Carol, this is just a finished piece to go along with a sketched dummybook that I created. Thanks!


It is darling! Best wishes on it finding itself a home.


Just lovely. I could snuggle up to this in a minute!

Tracy Cundiff

This is adorable! I'm sure it will find a happy home! GOOD LUCK! :)

Karma Wilson

I LOVE IT! This looks just like a baby I know (Antonio). Sooooo cute!


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