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Aw, man, what a gorgeous snowflake. Really, really gorgeous. I love LOVE her books. I can't wait to read the new ones, particularly the one with Thacher Hurd.

I have in my to-review pile The Apple Doll. I love her art-making protagonists. So does my art-lovin' daughter.

Thanks for doing this Roz! That was a pleasure to read.


Thanks for this wonderful feature. I love Elisa's work! Now THE PAPER PRINCESS will be even more special to me. Gorgeous snowflake!

Susan T.

"Abuela" is one of my favorite books. Thanks for this cool interview!


Thanks for a great interview. I love this snowflake and even more so now that I know the background behind the Paper Princess.


Great Job Roz! Love the snowflake. Nice interview.

Linda Acorn

Looking at that snowflake makes me happy.

Liz in Ink

Oh, yea! Ernst is my own personal favorite and I'm so happy to hear there's another Ernst book on its way. Plus, I love the flake...

Mary Lee

Fun interview! Thanks for introducing me to a new illustrator!

Elaine Magliaro


Thanks so much for this blog feature about Elisa Kleven. I love her picture book art. I think her 2007 snowflake is my favorite of the three she has created for Robert's Snow.


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