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Thanks so much Roz for posting all of these links! It's such a feast for the eyes, and the next best thing for those of us who can't see the snowflakes in person. I love reading the stories behind the illustrators and their snowflakes. I've bookmarked so many new people already! :)

Karma Wilson

Roz, I'm SO going to bid on a snowflake--but which one??? They all look so wonderful. I love your sledding penguin Roz!



Hi Dee...me too, I am waking up every morning dashing to the computer to see the features. They are smashing! I'm going to be featuring Elisa Klevan soon. Can't wait!!

Hi Karma, thank you so very much on my snowflake. I'm so flattered that you like it.
I am with you...which to choose? I think I could spend a small fortune come auction day!!!

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