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You are quite welcome, Roz. You should be very proud! And I hope to see you next year at the party! :-)

deb johnson

This is so very cool! Your artwork will always be on display as the very first issue. YOU MADE HISTORY! congratulations!!!


This is great to see Roz! I'm so proud of you!


It really is incredible to me and I'm so thankful. Thanks for your support everyone. Means a lot!


I'm heading out to the SCBWI regional conference this month.


TOTALLY COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


YAY! That is sOo0o0oo wonderful!!! I am so bummed you missed out. But thanks to ChickenGirl, it was almost like you were there. It was almost like we were all there to see your lovely work framed on the wall!


Thanks so much Laura and Shawn!
Have fun at the conference, Felicia.


There you are! All framed and acknowledged. Congrats and good for you! (I've gotten an invite to those Highlight parties every year since we moved to Seattle. Before that (9 years ago now) we lived in Pennsylvania and were within driving distance... Go figure.)


Roz- I was there too! I took note of the framed H5 edition on my blog too:


I hope you can go next year!

Paige Keiser

WOWeee Roz! Congratulations!! That's so very cool :0) I wish I had gone too--it was nice to be invited.

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