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Candace J. Hardy

Love the picks of your Lily. We have a Lily as well, a 3 year old dalmation. In a word (or two) nutty, nutty!
Congrats on Highlights Assignment! Take care.

Eric Orchard

Yay! I made it. Great blog. I saw your fly movie before, it's really cool. I love your stuff.


I remember as a kid reading those Highlights magazines at doctor's offices. I am so very proud of you!!! I am!!


I'll be looking for Highlights in March.. and good good luck with the book project!


I'm loving all the adventures of your puppy (she is so cute with all her toys!).

Congrats on your Highlights jobs. Sounds like you are quite back into the swing of things, work-wise. :-)


Thanks everyone! I can't wait to show you. It ended up going through 4 revisions before I got it "right".

Eric- thanks for stopping by. Your work is amazing.


Be careful with that little iron! I burnt the heck out of myself with one of those. I forgot that the long stem gets hot too, and tried to push down on it to get leverage. OUch! I haven't use it since ;)

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