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Hey Roz, I know exactly how you feel about feeling the slump without a deadline! It was like that for me for the early part of this summer. But this book looks like it can be a start of something fun!! I look forward to seeing your projects!


It counts! Count those days with the kids and the pool as your inspiration for winter. Certainly it will come to mind if winter ever arrives in Las Vegas. As in most things, like keeping my white kitchen floor spotless..."you'll get over it."

kathy weller

Hey, give yourself a break. Well, it sounds like you're not putting too much presh on yourself, and that is a GOOD thing. You probably need the rest, to refuel. Enjoy it as much as you can my dear!! Book looks very cool, too!!

deb johnson

Heya girl...a so called "slump" is always the calm before the storm. Rest up because the work, tight deadlines and a brain that's running on creative frenzy will return before you know it.

Relax...Clear your mind. Being an artist is in your bones...it didn't go anyplace. It's just taking a much needed break!


Thanks so much you guys, you've made me feel much better!


I feel in a slump, too! I think it's because it's summer and almost gone and when we were kids it meant playing and not working and that sort of thing has been ingrained in our blood from the get-go! Have fun! And relax! All that creativity, imagination, inspiration will hit you hard when you least expect it. So enjoy yourself during the lull...

Paula Pertile

Hey Roz,

It'll pass, and you'll be busy again before you know it. I go through slumps too, we all do! Enjoy the rest and don't worry about it.

Thanks for posting Margaret's book. I think I need it!


Well, shucks, girl! It's summer! Play and enjoy it now because very soon we'll be back in the thick of it!


She'll be back. And when she does return she will be a demanding witch. So enjoy your time while the muse is away.
Have fun swimming!


I hate slumps. Sometimes I like to just play and not worry about anything. And this book looks like a very good way to play! I want to get it now. I've also seen a book illustrated by Anna Grossnickle Hines that's all applique. It has an extremely warm look to it. The title is "Whistling". In the meantime enjoy the rest of summer. :-)


What? You mean I'm not the only one feeling that way?
I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling slumpish. I think it's part of the normal ebb and flow of creating, and you are so prolific in your creations, you probably need some down time mentally and creativity wise. I'm sure you'll be back with a ton of new ideas and images soon.
The book you highlighted looks fantastic.

Paige Keiser

Hey Roz, I think you've got it backwards. You're not a real artist unless you hit slumps. ;-) I've read a ton of artist bios - not a one has failed to mention creative dry spells.

BTW they scare me too - but inspiration always comes back to surprise you. You can count on it. I'm going through my own slump right now, and am doing the same thing: Looking through books that inspire me etc to relight the flame.

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