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that is some wonderful advice!!!!! i have been wanting to dive into the freelance world more than ever but with us, we dont have insurance through ramel's job... so we have government insurance and they only let you make so much before they cut it off... so if i make any real money, we are left without insurance.... one day, it wont be that way, right!?! in the meantime i keep working hard at refining my illustration and charactures for THE day :)

thx so much for the tips :)


Hey Roz.... how are you surviving the triple digit heat in Las Vegas?

I loved your article. When my kids were all home it was a 16 minute
window.. no more... and I was fortunate to have quiet nights as well. Now with the children grown up and on their own, I still use those 15 or 16 minutes to put to use on a daily exercise routine.. well, okay its more like 30 now but hopefully it will grow in increments during the coming weeks.

Stay cool....


Your post came just in time - just what I needed to hear. I've got sooo much going on and I'm feeling overwhelmed. Usually if I can't find a bug chunk of time for a project I don't work on it at all. But last night I pushed bedtime back and worked for a hour. I didn't get it done but it's more complete than it was the day before. It felt good. Progress!!

Nancy Bea

Hi Roz, I totally agree! I realized the same principle when my twins were babies and I had a book deadline looming. I did not have
long leisurely hours of time to go into the studio and oil paint, but I could grab 15 minutes or so here and there throughout the day, to pencil a cartoon, ink a cartoon, etc. Didn't matter if I left it unfinished, although with cartooning it wasn't hard to work in small complete "chunks' of tasks completed. And I got the book in on deadline which nobody could believe. But all those little bits added up to a big bit: a book!


Great post. I really agree with just doing a little bit adds up alot. Plus, I think with any project it will feel less daunting.


Oh good, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one!
Ellia, absolutely...it's just a matter of time and your life will be very different. You are a young family which is always a challenging time. Great that you are doing what you can NOW. Everything works together for the future. I've really come to find in my own life that "timing" is everything.
Thanks for the comments all!

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