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Roz, this is just wonderful. Thanks for all the step by step! The pincushion is so colorful and 'sunny'. This is a page I will save so that I can create a similar pin cushion. Just great!


Oh good! I hope you give it a go.


Very cute!


Absolutely adorable!

Susan Wood

Very cute and sunny! TFS


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Itis a moving story!


it is so good do you think so ?


it is so nice day !

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This is the beautiful stuff that I have seen in this site not knowing that it is a pincushion. Thank you for sharing the tutorial that is posted here. I will probably make this in my home.

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I created a visit to the present post as a result of I wish to create this stunning pincushion that's presented in here. Actually, I even have sort of totally different beautiful pincushions as a set when Grandma created it.


it is so good do you think so ?

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I enjoy making of these stuff for my kids but it’s not a pincushion. I will share this to my friends at work.

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This blog is really Cute, I love to do this at home. Please post more.

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It was my friend shared this tutorial. In fact, I’ve made different colors for the project of my daughter.

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My friend was happy of this, when show this to her. She is excited to make this beautiful pincushion.

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This blog is really Cute, I love to do this at home. Please post more.

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