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Roz, these are wonderful!!! Love them! Excellent addition to your portfolio!


Too cute! I really like the baby in the crib. I can just feel those feet kicking with excitement!

Nice job!


I'm sure you're pleased with how they turned out - darling! I know what you mean about pet hair. I'm forever picking cat hair out of my watercolors.

Thanks for the blog link to fairy-book-readage, btw. That was fun, and gratifying to see. :-)


Love them, Roz! I especially like the one of the baby lying down and the baby on the beach. Great portfolio pieces!


Wonderful! I really like the third one of the baby and the mobile!


Thanks so much for the comments!
The baby with the mobile is my favorite too.


These are great Roz! I think I need some babies in my portfolio too - not something I'm very good at. I love the baby lying in the bed, so charming!


Okay, I am not original. Love the baby in the crib! Then the beach! Warm fuzzy on these!

Sweet Pea

They are all so cute but I think my favourite has to be the beachy one - love the lamb with the sunglasses! :)


Okay, I totally want these pictures in a little board book for my 11 month old! So darling. I really like all the different textures and fabrics you put into your illustrations. I think you do a really good job of knowing when to use the textures and when to use the plain colors. I don't know if I'm explaining what I want to say very well. But anyway, I like these a lot!


Thanks for the great comments all!
Shawna, I totally get what you are saying.
It is the part of the process that takes me the longest...figuring out what will be fabric or felt, embellishment or stitches.
I can drive myself crazy because the choices are endless.


Really nice, Roz! You should be proud.


They are all so cute. The bottom two are my favorite.

Kathleen Rietz

I am really blown away by your work! I envy all of the beautiful colors and perfectly trimmed edges. Love the little bead embellishments and other fabric and stitches you add to your work. It's all so sweet and pretty! I wish you nothing les than continued success.

-kate : )

kathy weller

These are GREAT!!!! Wonderful work Roz!!!


oh my gosh!!! that third one is just dreamy dreamy dreamy!!!! all of them are beautiful!

i saw an illustration of yours on a magazine my niece has!!! i totally flipped out since i never saw your work published in person! (i knew your work was out there) how wonderful!!! i felt so cool that to say i "know" you :D haha!!!!!

btw, thanks so much for linking me on the previous post *blush*

Tracy Cundiff

These are absolutely adorable! How many hours did you spend developing these?! I am such a big fan of your work! I really like the baby in the crib with those cute stars on its crib sheet. Beautiful work!

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