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HI Roz-

I can relate to that...at times there is so much work that I barely have time for anything else and when that happens I don't promote myself or develope other projects and then things dry up...These slow times area an opportunity to stretch and promote and to develop other projects until the next crazy busy time...Hang in there and keep moving forward...a little moping is good I think- in a wierd way- I think the discomfort gets me rolling again after awhile. You do great work, and I think reminding people of that is a very good thing-


Thanks Steph.
That is a really great point about the down times helping you push yourself. I'm feeling that a lot right now. I want to get "better" and you're right, this is a good time to work on stretching myself. Thanks for posting, it's great to read from others that have gone through this and then been busy again. =O)

Sweet Pea

Oh,I know the feeling! Good for you that you are being positive and making things happen. When I have less work, I lose confidence very easily and just want to curl up under a blanket. But then I remind myself that I am lucky to have this life, even when it is hard at times. It is nice to be encouraged by people like you - and of course, it goes without saying but I will say it anyway...you do beautiful work :)


Roz-its wonderful you are staying positive. I am new to this whole freelancing too and its got its ups and downs. I had a great year last year too and this year I ask myself, will it be just as good? All this self doubt...but ultimately we are doing what we LOVE, so dont forget that! Keep on working on your book dummies, keep writing, things will be alright and you'll be busy again :-)


Thanks so much Jannie and Susan. Again it really helps to read that I'm not alone with the rollercoaster feelings!


hey, when was your last promo mailing? How often are you doing them???
Hope the dry spell turns into a flood real soon!


Hey Roz- it is OK to enjoy a little "down time" too...think of it not as the end of a career, but as the inevitable dip in freelancing- because it happens to everyone! Sounds like you are doing all the right stuff now- new projects, promotion, etc. Besides, a Cadbury Creme egg here and there never hurt anyone (hehe!)


This is exactly how I'm feeling at the moment too Roz! And I'm doing pretty much the same things as you are - working on my texts and dummies, making illustrations for my porfolio, sending out postcards. Let's hope we'll get a lot of fun work soon!


I haven't been sending promos out because I thought I could stop when I got a rep. Guess I should keep doing it on my own huh?
Thanks Anette, Liz and Theresa!

Barbara Johansen Newman

Roz, develop your OWN stories! Now's the time.....you can do wondeful things.....and everyone, including me, will buy them.


a fluke? you crack me up Roz. keep moving forward, the work will follow. you have a good plan, it will pay off. :)


Good for you, being positive and productive. I'm feeling a bit mopish myself today so your post was a good reminder that things ebb and flow for everyone.

Good luck with promos and future fabulous assignments. :)

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