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Yay Emily! Great illustration!

Sweet Pea

Looks like Emily takes after her mother in the talent department! Lovely illustration :)


Very cute. Emily is talented like her mother!

Paige Keiser

Oh my goodness Roz! This is fantastic. Anette's right, Emily has picked up your talent.


Thanks so much everyone. She is loving the comments you are posting. I appreciate you taking the time to let her know how cute her piece came out!

Shawna Tenney

What a great idea to have her illustrate a poem! Great idea I will have to remember for when my kids are older. I love Emily's artwork. It's so cute!


Go, Emily! Go, Emily! Great work!
Hey, I have a 10-yr old Emily, too!


Emily, you are SO talented! I love the wet duck prints and the little speech bubble that says Quack. Great job- I love it.


What a WONDERFUL job Emily did! Her eye for composition and color is fantastic. :)

Hopefully Connor will be interested in art as well. I can't wait to see what he comes up with as he gets older. :) We've already begun a collaborative piece. It's very Pollockesque-hahaha!

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