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Oh I remember this one so well! I always loved watching it, the tune is great too! What a neat thing to find here. Thanks Roz.


Roz, we are having an 80's party this weekend (costume party!) and have been watching all of the old videos again. This was one of my all-time favorites! BTW- I love Sanjaya, but the boy isn't that good! But truly, not all "idols" ARE the best singers...they are the whole package. One need look no futher than the 80's as proof!


I sat here and watched the whole thing! This song use to be one of my faves too. Looking at it again, this video was pretty cool for its time (and still is.) Go 80s music! Thanks for sharing.

Fox In Socks

This was and still is one of my fav songs every! :0)

Fox In Socks

P.S. That guy is gorgeous!


Great video - and it's Norwegian!


Oh, I was a big Ah-Ha fan!
I was my first concert~
Go 80's!


Wow-I loved this one. I remember watching this and loving the art.

Thanks for finding this Roz.

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