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Emily is a sweetie, and your creations are going to live a long and happy life in her room.


Roz- adorable!! Emily AND the art pieces, that is!


Oh Roz this is exactly what we do it for! She is adorable. And there is no doubt in my mind that she will love your illustrations so much, that they will be kept in a safe place and put in her own children's rooms later on.

Fox In Socks

These are BEAUTIFUL, Roz!!!!! What a lucky little gal :0) Sherry's right, she'll treasure those.

I hope you get some good high res scans of them - what about sending those out in three separate postcards in a row? That would be neat.


Thanks everyone, I hope she enjoys them.
I like that she is getting the originals. No matter how well the art is photographed or scanned, felt just looks so much better in "real life". She'll get to touch the felt too which i've noticed children enjoy doing. =o)

Paige, I did make some high res scans of the artwork for my rep who really liked them and wanted to add to her files.


YEAH! Way to go!


These are delightful, Roz! Especially loving the fluffy little lambykins. Lucky Emily!


These are fabulous! Love it! (in my best Weezy voice!)

kathy weller


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