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Hi Roz!

It's so addictive, isn't it? Especially given what we do and the isolation of it. The community is online and that is very comforting, I find.

Viviane Schwarz (Shark and Lobster) coined the the phrase "virtual studio colleague"- I really like that.


haha, well at least you are dedicated!!! i have had little time to sit down and read all the blogs i so want to read, ya know!? but i was checking yours out and YOUR CUT PAPER WORK IS SPECTACULAR!!!!!! so you can go either way, felt or paper.... which do you find most fun???

as always, your work is lovely and a pleasure to look at!!!


Thank you so much. It means a lot to me that you like the cut paper piece!
What a good question..which do I like better.
That's a hard one to answer. The paper is a lot cleaner and quicker so I enjoyed
that aspect very much. I felt like I had more freedom with the paper as well.
But I do enjoy the tactile quality of the felt ,cutting and embellishing. It
sure was nice not to deal with the fuzz for a change!

I noticed with the felt, it's a lot easier to build the image since the pieces
tack to eachother. My studio is near the front door so I had to be careful of
breeze issues with the paper!


I know what you mean. I have to watch myself very diligently or I can spend hours and hours...

Barbara Johansen Newman

Hey, Roz, I am a blogaholic, too! But I think my addiction is getting worse, not better.....mostly because everyday I notice another one I need to read.

Geesh, already past 9 AM and I have to get back to work...


Yes, I am dangerously close to being a blogaholic too..! I dont subscribe to bloglines yet which is probably easier to get it under control. Too many good stuff out there, too little time!

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