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Roz you are so much FUN!

Thanks for sharing these not really weird things with all of us. We are all just a little wierd...guess that just makes us more interesting, but not so wierd.

( I ALWAYS put cranberry sauce and Stuffing on my turkey sandwiches!)


Oh, man- remind me NOT to sit near you at lunch in NY!! Just kiddin'- see you there!!



Okay. The other day I wrote six weird things about me, as well!! And I thought, "i before e, except after c" rule but not in the word "weird" which I thought was weird, too, and almost said something! :O) I think that's cute about your on again/off again accent! When I get nervous, I don't spill drinks but I talk in a southern accent. And I am a California-native who shouldn't talk with a drawl! Go figure! Have a wonderful time in new york!
You will love your time there so very very much!


Hey, I'll be in Vegas next month, visiting the in-laws. Any must see places! Does the Liberache (sp) museum measure up to its hype?

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