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Fox In Socks

WOW Roz! This is wonderful! Gosh, that's your first try?? You should have a paper style AND felt style. Of course, then you would get some much work we would never see you again ;-)

Thanks for your comment on my blog btw :):):)

Wendy Demers

You should check out this artists blog! Her name is Ellia and she does beautiful pieces! It is www.greenbeanbaby.com


It's beautiful! Great that you're exploring and having fun with it.


great job and go you for trying a new medium. :)


Roz you Rock! This is absolutely adorable! I am so excited for you. I can imagine the doors this type of work will open up for you. Wow! You never cease to amaze me!


So lovely and adorable!!

Barbara Johansen Newman

Roz you could easily switch to this medium--it looks like you have been doing it forever. How cute!


Thanks so much everyone. I really did have a lot of fun and look forward to experimenting more with this.


It's wonderful, sound like explore was a great choice for 2007. Love it.


It's lovely!!!!! It has the same vibrancy and warmth as your felt art. Go, Roz!!


Amazing! A cut paper collage showing kids cutting paper. Your expertise transcends all media. You did a fabulous 'piece' of work!


oh no, I created a monster! heh heh
I think the mediums compliment one another as there isn't much difference between the two. You did a great job! Now you are so very versatile~put another feather in your cap!

Georgann Schultz

Fabulous Roz!! Your paper cutting is exquisite....first try? Nahhh.....love your paper and felt!!!

Back to writing.....hope you are well!!

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