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What a beautiful looking banner - looking forward to seeing it up.


It's so much fun to see a bit of how you work and lay out your pieces after you've drawn the original, and then need to cut them. Love the banner.


Thanks Amy and Michelle!

Fox In Socks

Oh wow, Roz! I can't wait to see it done!!


Me too. It looks like it will be so lovely !


New things for the New Year! Happy New Year, Roz! (a bit late of that, but not too horrible)

Barbara Johansen Newman

This banner is so cute, Roz! Is it done now? Looks great just as it is.


Super cute...and I love the way the pieces stand out on white. Silhouetting in Photoshop is an art unto itself; I am still trying to figure out the best ways of doing it, too!


Love your new banner, Roz!! Great textures! Sweet mouse and the little bees are too cute! The white background turned out great too. Great start for the new year!


What a sweet lil mousie! She is a dear old soul, I can tell.


Thanks so much everyone, means a lot!


Ah! So sweet and lovely, it is!

It's interesting that publishers are asking for a lot of white now. I've long used lots of white and had some rejects as a result of that very thing. Maybe it's a fad?! I don't know, but, I'm still a fan of white space and you've done a great job with it too.


The new banner rocks! WOW! I see you have been working hard at your craft. This is really great ROZ. I hope you have a great year and if all looks as great as this; you will!!!!

Julia Kelly

Your banner is wonderful! I love the texture of the hat and bag and her little mousy expression! Great job! and Happy New Year!


The new banner is fantastic! Happy New Year Roz and best wishes in 2007!


Love your new banner, Roz! I hadn't thought about how working like you do may have problems with white backgrounds. Good to hear you're working through the problem. I also like your yearly theme idea! Enjoy your exploration of "explore"!


Wow! I just found your site and love your artwork!


Shawna Tenney

Very cute banner. I have been trying to figure out how to get my own banner on the top of my blog, but just have no idea. Maybe you could give me a few pointers!


Roz, your new banner is just delightful, I love all the texture and pattern.

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