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Hey Roz! I gave the Woog this for Christmas this year! I found it at an educational conference.


Are you serious?!
Oh wow, Holli, thanks so much for letting me know. =o)


This looks great Roz - really fun, I bet the kids love it.
I like your new banner illustration too!


Roz that is so fun! Love the cover! Congrats big time! Hey the new look of your blog is fabulous! Really really nice!


Great work Roz! And as soon as I can find it I am getting a copy! This is wonderful. The cover is so inviting, and Greg and Steve look so cute holding your little critters!


Very cool! I love the integration of fabric and people- congrats on another adorable piece out there!

Barbara Johansen Newman

Hi, Roz. I checked Barnes and Noble (Lately I much prefer them to amazon), and they don't have it either, or I would buy one and have you sign it in NY.

But I love how you showed us the change--before and after. Such a great piece!


How adorable! I love the colors. Its very cool to see the original artwork and the final results. Congrats!


Looks awesome, Roz! I really love all the colors (and critters, of course!) I am sure you will meet your goal re: Amazon, this year! It'll happen!


Thanks so much everyone!
Barb, I got so excited when I went to B&N's site and saw that it popped up at least. hahaha!

Paige...from your mouth to Gods ears!

Shawna Tenney

Thank you so much for signing my blog. I will come visit your blog often! It is so good to know about other mommy illustrators. It's so good to know that other people understand what your going through! I think your amazing to be handling this all with your husband overseas. Keep up the good work. I think your illustrations are absoluetly adorable! I know my little girls would LOVE them!!


I can't believe this is the first time you've let the company scan the artwork--I always do.
One less headache for me though I bet it makes you more marketable if you include such a thing. Congrats on your cover!


opps, that was a remark from Theresa!
old habits die hard.


Hi T !
Yeah, I prefer to send a digital file mainly because the felt catches every dog hair in this house. I can "clean" the felt in photoshop which makes me feel better about what I'm sending in.
I don't get them all so I can still pick out Valentine in finished illustrations when I see it in print. A lot like "where's waldo". hahaha!


wow! i am s0oOo proud of you!!


What a fun front cover, the combination of the people and your felt characters work really well.


Wow...Turned out great! Love the addition of the two guys and the guitar on the side and how they integrate so well with your art. Maybe it'll end up on Amazon later. Is that a benchmark of sorts, btw?


HI Paula.
Exactly! It's a bench mark.


So cool! Congratulations!!


you dont sound ungrateful at all.... but holy cow, your work is just stunning as always!!!!!!!!! although i am a big whoppin' fan of paper, i SO LOVE the way felt and the materials you use look! i love the texture and use of material in general... something i could never ever do.... your work makes me wanna touch it :)


That is such a great book! You are such a great illistrater! I can't wait to see more of your work.

your secret emirer


Hmmm, I wonder who that could be? Could it be my Emily?? 'o)
I'm glad to have a secret emirer, I've always wanted one! xoxoox


Roz how exciting! I love Steve and Greg how exciting to have them hanging out with ya! ;) Your work as always first class! I checked out Borders and they say they have it in stock at my local store. Looks like I will be making a run for the Border this weekend. Of course I will be wearing a huge smile and bragging about how my very dear friend did the awesome artwork!! As I dust off my pet rock I can't help but get so excited over how far you have come. You are an amazing person and you deserve every bit that comes your way and more! You are an inspiration!!!!!


Looks great Roz, and I love the new banner!

Fox In Socks

Roz this is SO NEAT!!! Congrats!

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