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When you get there remember poke your head out the window. I will holler at you! I am so excited for you and green all at the same time because you will be so close yet so far!
Have a great time I can't wait to hear all about your adventures when you return.
I anxiously await the day we will conference together. (If only we could get Georgeann to go too!)
Travel safe I will keep you in my prayers!


Have a wonderful time! Would be cool if you could blog it while you were there. Enjoy that hubby!


Congratulations on the safe return of your hubby! Tell him we're all rootin' for him and are on his side!

Hey, what a koinkidink! I'm going to New York for my first time too in 9 days! I'm going for a Toy Fair, should be lots of fun, but it's work for me. (I think I'll enjoy it anyway). I'm staying at the W at Time's Square. Talk about culture shock, but at least I have winter wear.

Have a terrific time, and good luck with the coat!


All good news! I'll bet you are more excited about your husband returning home, than going to NY. How wonderful to be celebrating both!

Good luck and good fortune in NY.
And if you have a minute, there is just one more thing...

...I have tagged you! It's a little game. But ONLY f you have the time, and want to play, just pop by my blog for the instructions.


We'll have to figure out a way to meet. I wish you had time to attend the conference. =o(

Ginger, I'll be happy to participate in the 6 weird things. Hmm, narrowing it down to just 6 will be the hard part. ;o)

Sheri- DC is next on my list of conferences, I miss my old stomping ground more than you know. And you too of course!

Thanks so much Sherry!


All of New York is excited you are coming!
I wish I could be in the city, but I don't think I will make it down.
Have a great time!!
Glad your hubby is home safe.


Yay! Your list looks much like mine, and I SO agree with you about portfolio pieces. Some of them I look at now and wonder "what the heck?" We'll have to meet up! I'll keep an eye out for you on Friday!

Shawna Tenney

I am so totally jealous that you are going to the conference in NY!!!! Have tons of fun! Good to hear that you're hubby is home too!

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