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Well, I can certainly understand the desire to be quick. I tend to equate quick with efficient. Obviously, that's not always the case! As a school girl, I would always land in trouble for doing my work wrong because I didn't read through the instructions first! Good luck to you on the rest of the project- the drawing turned out adorable!

Fox In Socks

Oh my gosh Roz, I've been having the exact same issues! Lot's of BW illustrations w/ fast turn arounds and manuscripts.

Cute little dog and boy characters!


I think we all do that. I have to redo both my sketches for FARMER that I did last week. I should have read the text, and not my thumbnails created months ago.


Yeppers! It give more meaning to the phrase..."back to the old drawing board"... I 've been there myself a few times this month.
But, your final images look just great, Roz!


haha! This is the lesson I'm having to teach over and over to my students this week who had a major writing assignment, and didn't realize their mistakes until they were about to turn it in! *Sigh* The final product looks great, and it's good to see you busy. :)


I've done it. Sometimes I am so tired I miss info too. Great catch though and great advice. The result looks great. Cheers!


Oh good, I'm glad to read I'm not the only one!!

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