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I saw that commerical and thought of you.. But I too noticed it came from that book!
I just got a new job working as a graphic designer for my local library system...
I am glad you got to see the commerical!


Thanks for the post Roz... the commercials caught my eye and I loved the tone and texture of the voices as much as the amazing feltwork. I had no idea the whole website would be done in wonderful felt images. Just so much fun!


Yes! I saw that too! I immediately thought of you! Wouldn't that be the coolest to see your art animated, and a whole campaign modelled after your work?


I was also pretty impressed that they decided to go with fabric art in that campaign...that's a nice change from a lot of the junky ads out there! I think it will open people's eyes to the possibilities...



I thought of you! I saw the print ads too and was looking for a art credit! Wonderful!


Liz, that is such a good point about opening ones eyes to the possibilities!


Oh! You have EVERYTHING it takes to have your work shown in a commercial and then some. You have so much talent! I'm going to believe with you. It's gonna happen for you! Just wait and see.


All in good time sweetie.


I saw that commercial too - and also just received a promo copy of "High Five" - and totally recognized your artwork on the cover. That's not bad visibility!

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