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Well helloooo stranger!

I look forward to seeing youre upcomming work- so happy that things are hopping along!

Organizing is on my list for the weekend- I actually get Sat, Sun AND Monday to do some other stuff besides work on the projects I have going because I'm on "hold" waiting for approval! Harrah.


Whilst I totally understand the sentimental workings of your current container, I actually have a floss organizational thingy (homemade) that works for me - it's just 'book' of sewn-together ziplock bags, complete with a fabric cover with ribbon ties. There's about a dozen bags - and that way I can sort my floss by color family...

Found your blog through Higglety-Pigglety's. Nice work.


I have a box of thread that looks just like that, and my 2 year old helped it along ...LOL


Ha ha! My embroidery box looks just like that! It sits next to the fancy organizer box I bought a few months ago! I think I like the nest version better too. It's kind of fun to poke around in it and hope you find the color you want. I like your cart too!


Cool! Nice find. For someone who love organization, I sure don't do it enough. I've got piles everywhere! Glad to have you back!

Ginger *:)

I love the colors in your newly 'organized' world. I especially can relate to the embroidery floss. When our third child was 'waiting' to be born... three weeks late!!!!!
I used a lot of the stuff to create an enormous crewel work of a field of flowers. I finished all but one little lady bug before he was born....and haven't touched embroidery since.

Your little OWL pin cushion is so adorable that I don't know how you could ever stick him with a pin. Lovely lovely work!

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