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Found the signature!

We went last September to Disneyland, my kids' first time also. Now my 8 year old son gets upset if we sing Zipadee doo dah or It's A Small World because it makes him miss Disneyland so bad... a good sign that all had fun.

And, btw, no Disneyland pictures bore ME!


How cool is that!? Thanks for sharing the fun watch piece, Roz. I like Eeyore, too!


you goof! You came all the way out here and didn't ring my doorbell!
tssk tsskkkk.
I coulda got away from the inlaws--HA!

Account Deleted

wow! that is sooooo cool that you get the original artwork... that must not have been cheap!! what a wonderful vacation... i hope one day i can go too haha!

Paige  Keiser

What a treasure! Must have been neat to watch the artists draw too!!!

Paige  Keiser

p.s. oh I finally found his signature - very sneaky of him! :-D

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