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Oh wow!! Glad you did so well. I am VERY nearsighted!! and have had glasses since I was 7! ALL my sons inherited my poor vision and they all want to eventually have the Lasik surgery!
I am so happy with your great results... now go rest!!

Caitlin O'Connor

WOW! You brave thang, you! Congrats on being brave enough and YAY that your reward is so much better vision- YAY!!!!


yeah, love the way you told us that! Can you read this????
now rest and away from this computer!


That is brave of you. Hope all is well. That newspaper generator is way too much fun though. Take care.

Paige  Keiser

LOL! Roz! I though this was real! I'm such a dork. That newpaper generator is fun :) How cool not to put glasses on anymore - i hate putting my contacts in and taking them out every night. You're a brave gal!


Congratulations on a fantastic outcome! Hope to see you back online soon, in the meantime have fun looking at the flowers, the rocks, the cacti, the little lines on the paper money... your childrens' smiles, the ripples in the popcorn, the little m's on those chocolate candies, the billing on the movie marquee, the numbers on the backs of football players.... and all without glasses!

Three (3) cheers for you!



kathy weller

you are very, very brave!!!! Congrats on your Lasik. I hope recovery goes excellent!

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